How to make an essay longer?

9 Cunning tricks to make your essay look longer

Have you ever felt really frustrated when it’s nothing left to write on the topic, but you haven’t reached the required amount of pages? We are sure you have, that’s why we think this post is useful for each and every student, who wants to lengthen his paper.
You might have some thoughts about the ethical issue, but let us calm you down. You are not breaking any moral rules. Haven’t teachers themselves told you not to judge the book by its cover? Same here. It takes 5 pages for one person, and 10 pages for another to elaborate on the same issue. And the main thing is to cover the topic, right? So lets just think of it like help for your laconic style of writing to fit into the required standards.

Here is the list of things you can try:

  1. A classic trick is to change your front. The best choice for that is Palatino Linotype. The characters are a bit longer vertically and it may look even better if you use this front.
  2. Another good method is to make your pages shorter at the bottom. You can always blame it on the Microsoft Word  auto-formatting 🙂
  3. Use as few contractions as possible. Write out numbers and don’t use abbreviations. Every little bit helps! Add quotes and images as much as possible, but only when it is relevant, do not abuse this opportunity.
    How to make an essay longer?
  4. Use footnotes, which would not only lengthen the line they are on, but add a descriptive line at the bottom of the page.
  5. If the last sentence of the paragraph ends near the edge of the paper, add a word or two until it expands into the next line. Just think about adjectives you can use to describe a noun.
  6. Click on Format>Font, go to character spacing. This will make the spacing in between letters a little larger and not very noticeable.
  7. Make the periods bigger. Click Ctrl+F, hit the Replace tab, in the first box put a period and in the second box put another period. After that hit More>Format>Font and make the size 14 or something bigger then 12 standard, but not too big. You can repeat it with any symbol you want.
  8. When writing your paper(e.g. double space paper), just  highlight all, navigate to the spacing feature under paragraph settings and instead of making it double space,put “at least” 29 pt. It adds a tiny fraction of space between each line elongating your paper. The teacher will never know.
  9. Make the title for you essay bold and underlined. If your title is long – break it in the middle so it takes 2 lines instead of one.

How to make an essay longer?

All these tricks are tried and true. If any teacher tries to catch you on them, just explain  that page minimums can’t be taken seriously and that most famous braniacs weren’t able to stick to the common rules and standards. If possible grasp the evidence, start running and don’t look back! 🙂
Happy lengthening! Let us now if you come up with something of your own!

The BookwormLab team

How to make an essay longer?

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