Custom Academic Writing: Major Challenges

Unscrupulous writing services The modern academic writing market is a vibrant and competitive place. The well-known free market “invisible hand” enables a “natural” selection among writing services – favoring and rewarding the best and making the rest go extinct. However, a certain share of unscrupulous services, predominantly those who exist for a limited amount of […]

Second Education – Why People Need to Write Essays While They Work

Why do people get a second education? Many people are not satisfied with the work they do according to their education: some lack money, some have lost motivation, while others just urgently need to completely change everything in life. And someone has found a good job, seemingly in line with their educational background, but they […]

How Helpful Are Essay Writing Prompts for College and University Students

  Interesting Essay Writing Prompts for Students Essay writing prompts are writing tips that will help you in your essay writing experience. To write something off the top of your head with references is not the easiest thing in the world. There is actually a very simple way to follow basic Persuasive Essay Prompts Writing […]

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