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How to Achieve Your Academic Goals With the Essay Writing Services

The demand creates a supplyDuring life in academia, each year, students have to write 20-100 essays in different subjects. Since the writing process is not easy and requires specialized knowledge and skills, not everyone has the strength and time to cope with all the writing tasks. In this case, students turn to professional writing services […]

Fellowship Opportunities: Why You Need It & How to Apply

What is a fellowship? In simple terms, a fellowship is a studying award or a grant, which is given to higher education students. Fellowships are meant for graduate students pursuing their bachelor’s or master’s degrees, or Ph.D. students working on their doctoral degrees.  Students have to compete for fellowships, as this award is given on […]

Overcoming Laziness: 5 Golden Tips to Beat it Once and for All

Happy last months of spring you, guys! Let’s be honest here. It’s already sunny and hot outside and it’s getting harder and harder to breath, not to mention to work or study. Here is where laziness sets in. That’s pretty normal, taking into account that being lazy lies in human nature. We love to procrastinate […]

Part-time Jobs for Students: Quick Money or Career Starting Point?

When you hear a word-combination “part-time job”, what is the very first image of a perfect employee that pops up? A student of 1-2 years of study, right? Why is that? Pretty simple. Part-time jobs are perfect for students, as being overwhelmed with the college assignments, they can still earn some money for leisure time […]

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