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Why We Oppose SOPA&PIPA and Why It’s SO Important You Take Action!

Today, on Wednesday January 18th, thousands of websites are protesting SOPA&PIPA by blacking out! This action demonstrates what the Internet would look like, if the suggested bills became laws. Bookwormlab.com’s team, as well as millions of other web users, strongly believe, that there is no need to censor social networks and search engines. By this […]

And the Winners Are…

The week went by very quickly and as promised we are  glad  to announce that after hours of intense debates and voting, Bookwormlab.com’s team is ready to make 3 of our clients really happy. But first, we want to thank you all for participating. We really enjoyed reading your Valentine’s cards and it warms our […]

Spring’s Here! The Spring is Here! Sunshine is Here, the Sky Is Clear! The Spring’s Here!

Hello there! Today is March 1 and apart from being the 60th day of the year it’s the first day of the most romantic season. It may seem like not a big deal, but c’mon the spring is here! That means lots of bright colors, sunshine and freshness very soon as well as brand new […]

Sweet September

Hello everyone! The new academic year has begun! ‘No kidding’ you would say sarcastically. Just stating the obvious to make up a good reason for the unbelievable and unprecedented deal we want to offer you. We are sure you are doing great, after all you always have our team by your side to help you […]

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