Writing tips

Sweet September

Hello everyone! The new academic year has begun! ‘No kidding’ you would say sarcastically. Just stating the obvious to make up a good reason for the unbelievable and unprecedented deal we want to offer you. We are sure you are doing great, after all you always have our team by your side to help you […]

Successful College Writing

Hello everyone! The fall semester is at full blast  and you are definitely having your hands full with writing assignments. So, it’s obviously high time we reminded you a couple of core principles of successful college writing. Successful College Writing: Seven Keys to Successful Here we go: Start early and don’t procrastinate! The more time […]

How to Hide Plagiarism

A way to hide plagiarism One of the main requirements of every academic paper is the absence of plagiarism. Roughly speaking, plagiarism can be defined as stealing someone else’s thoughts and ideas and presenting them as your own without referring to the source. Nowadays with the impetuous development of the IT, professors pay extra attention to the […]

Is Wikipedia a lie or not

It’s no secret, that many professors and educators strictly forbid using Wikipedia when writing academic papers, needless to say citing from it. Are they being reasonable? Is Wikipedia a lie? Should you trust Wikipedia? Is Wikipedia a lie or not? Can i trust when writing a paper? Lets look through advantages and disadvantages of the […]

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